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Welcome to Arizona Organic Mattresses

We are an Arizona distributor of high-quality organic non-toxic mattresses.


In order to maintain vibrant health it's vital to get a good night's sleep. Spending nearly one-third of your life sleeping, gives your body a wonderful opportunity for rest and renewal. You can help ensure that you significantly cut down on toxic exposure and reduce your overall body burden with one simple choice, choose an organic bed. Making your bedroom clean and organic can significantly help reduce, or eliminate a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses.


It's essential to protect your babies and childrens immune systems that are still developing from the harmful chemicals that are normally found in conventional mattresses. Our most popular product line is (OMI) Organic Mattresses, Inc. OMI is committed to offering the purest organic mattresses and bedroom products available.


OMI’s handmade, custom organic mattresses are manufactured in Northern California by expert artisans. OMI makes the #1-selling organic mattress in the United States. No other organic mattress manufacturer can match OMI’s purity assurances. OMI makes absolutely no conventional or chemical mattresses. There is no chance of toxic chemicals ever contaminating the mattresses, bedding, or their production line as there would be in a mixed-production facility.


OMI is the first large-scale 100%-organic and GOTS-certified mattress factory in North America. OMI's mattresses are made and sourced in the USA from the finest organic and certified raw materials. They also meet the stringent criteria of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and are eligible for LEED credits.






Certifications deptofag Certified Humane Certified Humane Certified by Oeko-Tex Oregon Tilth Certified (OTCO) Global Organic Textile Standard GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) Consumer Products Safety Comission

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